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2 years ago

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Marianne and her husband arrived cuck in the tube4 hotel tube4 lobby, as indicated. She was in a black short skirt and a cream blouse that showed her bra to see bright thin. His hair was shoulder length and I realized I was wearing black thigh high stockings. You know, I love this. David wore a green button with ugly tan pants. I told them to go to the bar and table. I would like to arrive a little later and flirt and talk with Marianne. I knew that all men see Marianne and remember, it was with David, but once they saw how easy it is for me to talk with her, she just came to the idea and to follow my example. After being in the bar for about 20 minutes I came and went to his table. Marianne was sitting with her right leg over the left shows a lot of his thigh, and only the top of his socks. When I approached them I looked around and noticed several men in it. I sat down and began to talk with them. I told David that no matter what, what happens, just sit around there is. If other men come to his wife and wants to talk tube4 to her, is to make this happen. If people want to date her, he is committed. a local band played, and I grabbed Marianne 's hand and led her to the dance floor. While some fast songs that had become tube4 her ass making her skirt flying up and put most tube4 of tube4 her thighs and ass almost. A slow song was played, and we hugged and got me out of their way to mine and we rubbed each other. I walked back to his table, and I was sitting at the bar. For the next hour I saw several men dance with Marianne and watched as she danced with all the attractions. The kids were grabbing ass and fondling her breasts removed without notice tube4 to her husband a few meters. I was disappointed that no one had left the bar with her. Ar 02 clock 00, the bar was closed and said to Marianne and her cuck husband went to my room. MarianneI went to the elevator and with arms around each other, David a few steps behind us. Marianne in the elevator was all over me, a kiss and rubbed his hands on my crotch. Two of the men she had danced with himself, was in the elevator and then looked at David, who was on the floor of an elevator. We have followed us to my flat and David in my room. Marianne closed the door and had to go first, followed by me then the cuck. Marianne had stopped as soon as he went to the bathroom. I walked past her, and when David came to her, I saw the look on their faces. Jason, a thirty-something friend of mine was black lying on the tube4 bed wearing only a smile and boxer shorts dark red. The 60 -year-old gray-haired Uncle Lee was sitting comfortably in a tube4 chair by the window. David began to speak: "No, no blacks, blacks do not like, you CAN NOT -".. I approached him, slapped him and told him to shut up. I GrabbeMarianne d with the left arm and took her to bed. "It's all yours, Jason " he said. David began to protest again. I went into the bathroom and reminded him that he was responsible. He said he never would agree that black guys fuck Marianne and I told him if he would continue to protest verbally, we may tie him and gag him again, and left the bathroom. tube4 good. Marianne was lying on the bed next to Jason. She was naked from the waist up, Jason 's boxers were out, and she stroked his big black cock while kissing. Jason 's hand pinching the left nipple. He swung his legs around him who sat on the edge of the bed and pushed her head down to lick and suck Marianne his penis and testicles. She made slurping noises and Jason groaned. From the back I could see his head jerk up and down, and I knew that she, in her whole body into her mouth. I suddenly realized I was naked Uncle Lee, sporting a hard orElder people. It was "No, no, no way " I grabbed David, joined him in the seat of Lee and Lee to help, I sat back to prevent Marianne cuck and tied his a
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